A Guide To Understand Colonoscopy

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It can be quite frightening when your doctor recommends you to get a right colonoscopy done. The fact here is that there is nothing to worry about. It is a simple procedure done by an experienced doctor. It can last for about 20- 70 minutes. In most cases medication is given to make you feel relaxed during the procedure.The procedure happens at colonoscopy Clinics where you have to go for your appointment. Once you are taken in the doctor will ask you to lie on your left so that you can be examined. During the process of the colonoscopy the doctor uses a colonoscope and tubular instrument that is quite flexible. This transmits images of the lining of your colon and gives the doctor the ability to identify any abnormalities present. The colonscope enters to the rectum and then advances to the large intestine.

During the process the doctor will be able to have clear look inside your large intestine and see possible causes for your conditions which could be causing rectal bleeding or unbearable abdominal pains. It is one of the best procedures to spot and prevent colon cancers. Hence why one should not be afraid of the procedure. Before going into the process your colon has to be empty and also clean. This helps the doctor to have a better look. So to make sure that you are prepared for this you have to fast and use laxatives to clean up your stomach.

The best thing about this process is that aside from cleaning out your colon it does not have any side effects. And the recovery time is just 48 hours. And there aren’t any risks associated with it. It is generally very safe. If you have symptoms such as a consistent changes in your bowels, blood in your stool or persistent cramps. It could be symptoms of advanced conditions. Hence why getting your colorectal surgery St John of God clinic is the best decision you could make after a colonoscopy. This method of screening is one of the most recommend and reliable.

Just like any other medical procedure it does have its risks such as infection or bleeding but it is very rare. There is nothing to be afraid of. It is one of the safest options for you to take. The overall risk of a person to develop colorectal cancer is normally one in twenty. In most cases it is preventable and treatable. It is neglected until it has advanced because people are afraid of the colonoscopy procedure. That is due to the lack of understanding of the process.

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