All About Sinusitis

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Sinusitis is a major health issue in many countries and could also the cause of many deaths. Therefore it is important that everyone person is aware of this health issue and would find immediate cure before the situation worsens. The inflammation or swelling of sinuses in the body is called sinusitis. The function of normal sinuses in the body is to trap unwanted particles such as dust and germs. Then the mucus with these particles are sent into the stomach. But the problem arises when the nasal tissues are infected with allergies or become swollen and thereby cause irritations in the system. Sinuses are normally filled with air but once it’s infected it traps mucus instead. Sinuses are present in different parts of the head area and if the sinus close to the brain is infected, the allergy could cause health problems to the brain and result in fatal issues. 

Symptoms Of Sinus Infection

There are many symptoms that occur that are usually assumed to be the symptoms of a cold and therefore most people do not take the right medications and this could result in severe health issues. The symptoms of the beginning stages of sinusitis include blocked nose, cough, greenish nasal discharge and even pains in the face. As the sinusitis worsens or is chronic patients will have frequent fever, a very low sense of smell, fatigue and severe headaches. When these signs are noticed it is essential that the person visits an ear nose and throat specialist Gold Coast in order to be medicated accordingly.

Common Causes

The basic cause of sinusitis is the clogging of mucus within the sinus. But it could also be caused by viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe. Pollutants can also cause sinusitis especially if the person has a weak immune system. Regular infections in the tract could also lead to sinusitis. Allergies and problems in the bone structure of the nose are also known to be the cause of such health issue.


Acute sinusitis can be cured if the patient seeks immediate medical assistance. The specialist could provide the patient with antibiotics for its cure. There are also sprays and antifungal drugs that can be used to treat sinusitis depending on its cause and severity. Surgery is the last option especially on children because similar to face lift cosmetic surgery, sinusitis surgery requires deep thinking and a professional surgeon for the job.

Methods Of PreventionAs always prevention is better than cure so it is necessary that everybody loves a clean and hygienic lifestyle. Also avoid smoking and polluted areas. Keep away from allergic foods as well.

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