Reasons For Using An Orthopaedic Caddy For Moving During Injury

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For patients suffering from lover body injuries such as a broken foot or a fractured ankle, life can be a bit negative and cumbersome. Not only do you have to carry around the weight of the cast but general movements are also hampered. The normal procedure is to use a crutch or a walker to help you get about the day. However as they are not very easy to use the medical industry has come up with a new device which is to change the way you look at your mobility aid.

The new device is called medical knee scooter, of course there are other names that is used for this, such as knee caddy, leg walker knee coaster to name a few. This device is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is foldable. It supports the knee of the unused leg while being propelled with the other. However patients with knee injuries are unable to use this device. So if you are nursing a broken ankle or a foot here are some reasons to try it out. Support more weight: unlike in other aids this device allows you to rest your whole knee on a cushioned pad that can support your whole body weight. This is beneficial so that you won’t put unnecessary weight on the other leg as well.

Easy to get around: unlike the forearm crutches and wheel chairs which make use of your hands limited, this new device gives you more freedom to move about. And it frees up your arms a great deal to carry out other day to day tasks. They also help you reach for items on a higher level. This is especially useful if you are shopping or even managing at home. To gain more ideas about this forearm crutches you can visit this page for the reliable information.

Knock the bad leg: Using crutches can make you knock your injured knee or re-injure that same foot if you are not very careful. There is also a chance of you misplacing them and falling on your bad leg as well. However the caddy minimises this risk to a greater degree.

Stability: moving about on surfaces that are carpeted or tiled does not have to bother you anymore. This scooter is stable enough so you need not worry about tripping on things on the floor, the carpets or even rugs.

Taking showers: crutches and walkers can be somewhat tricky to use in the shower. However these devices enable you to get in and out of the shower much more easily especially if you are in a standing position.

Cost savings: these scooters can be rented for temporary use as well therefore it is a bonus for small or short term injuries.As you can see these new devices are beneficial in numerous ways, therefore sure to put you in a better mood when nursing a leg injury.

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