Understating Some Of The Most Common Dieses That Affect The Blood Vessels On The Legs

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There are numerous diseases that can affect the blood vessels, especially on the legs. Diseases of veins can be sometimes cosmetic while in other occasions they are medical related and must be treated. Out of the known diseases, varicose and spider veins are considered some of the most common and said to be affecting a lot of people around the world especially women.

These venous problems can be attributed to various reasons and if not treated properly can lead to other complications. Let’s look at these in a bit more detail in order to understand symptoms and options available for treating them.

Disease types

Varicose veins Melbourne can begin to appear when the blood carrying veins become puffed-up, inflated and fill up with blood. If you look closely on your own legs or on someone who suffers from this condition, you will clearly see the veins appearing enlarged and twisted giving the legs an uneven texture and feel. Though they are most often spotted on the legs, chances are they can occur anywhere in the body as well. Though most often they are painless there have been cases of patients suffering from burning or a throbbing pain, sometimes they can include clots as well which can prove harmful.

Telangiectasias on the other hand are smaller in size and appear very near to the skin. They can be easily identified as they will look like a spider web or branches of a tree. The colour of the veins can also be slightly red in colour or blue. They also appear frequently on the legs and are smaller than varicose veins but sometimes they can appear together in the same location.


Before going in for good sclerotherapy in Frankston, it is a good idea to know what causes them. The same goes for the larger dilated veins as well. Telangiectasias can commonly occur due to age, genes, hormone treatment and sometimes due to pregnancy as well. Another common cause is being stationary or standing for too long. Some causes have been attributed to wearing tight clothing as well.

Varicose can appear if the veins have got damaged or become un-functional for some reason such as age. As you may well be aware the nutrient rich blood is pumped through arteries and they return through the veins. Naturally the blood that returns is pushed against gravity with some force and there are valves within the veins that create barriers so that the blood that is pushed up doesn’t go down again. However sometimes this does not work as required and the blood gets pooled within the blood vessels resulting in varicose veins. They can also be caused by standing for too long, heredity and being obese.

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