What You Need To Know About The Hip Replacing Surgery

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Arthritis is very common among many. It is quite painful and as time passes it worsens up to an extent that you won’t be able to bear it. This form of surgery is one way to remove the pain caused by arthritis. It will surgically replace the hip and provide you the ability to walk easily. This option is usually considered to be the last resort. When all other options have failed, doctors go for this surgery. The artificial joint which replaces your natural hip will be made out of metal or plastic materials. Well, this is what you need to know if you are about to go through this surgery. 

What happens?

As mentioned before, this option will be selected only if other options fail. For example; if your keyhole surgery isn’t the best solution, your better keyhole surgeon will recommend this specific hip surgery. This surgery can be done in two forms. That is the traditional method and the minimally-invasive technique. The difference between these two is the incision’s size. Generally, doctors go for the traditional method. you need not worry about the pain as anesthesia will be provided. You need to make sure that your surgeon is well qualified and has experience in this field.

After the surgery

After you have undergone the whole procedure, you will be staying in the hospital for about a week or less. Physically therapy will be started a day or two after your surgery. And after a few days you will be able to walk with the help of crutches or a walker. This will be continued for a few weeks or months as it is not an easy surgery. You will have to be very cautious about yourself.

What to avoid

For about a year or less after the hip replacement Gold Coast, you should avoid all sorts of pivoting or twisting activities and exercises. Once you are in a place to do such activities, your doctor will let you know. There will be certain other exercises and activities that you should avoid. Your doctor will update you on all these.

What to do

After the surgery, you will have to undergo certain physical therapy. Your physical therapist will provide you a certain routine which will include certain techniques. You will have to listen to your physical therapist very keenly and see him/her often. This will prevent your hip from being dislocated.

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